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Product(s) you wish to have reviewed
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A typical product evaluation and review publication can varies from client to client; however, the process most often involves the following steps:
– Client shares a prepared review with us from your marketing or sales team. Or marketing material, product guide to ensure we are familiar with your products features to help highlight differences between your product and competitors as we will try to emphasize these differences in the review to help make your product stand out.
– Once the product is received, we will begin to evaluate it and if necessary, we will ask questions for clarification on any features to help ensure accuracy as well as provide honest feedback if applicable.
– Once the review has been drafted, we submit it for your approval.
– After your approval is received, we will publish the product review on the website of your choice.

Please decide which online retailer you wish to publish your review – (Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Target, etc)
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Please Note:
If you elect to receive an Amazon review, we must purchase your product so the product review will be listed as a “Verified Purchase” on Amazon.
However, we need to be reimbursed for this expense and we accept the following options for reimbursement:
     (Preferred) We can invoice you via PayPal for the cost of your product before we purchase it.
     (Or) We can purchase your product and you can refund or reverse the charge back to our card.
     (Or) We can request a return of your product after publication has been published through Amazon.

Payment for services
Unless previous arrangements have been made, such as any offers or promotions, we will be including the cost of the review in the invoice. Please see this link for pricing details –

We accept the following forms of payment:
Chase QuickPay
Credit Cards (over the phone)