Lets face it, online reviews make or break a product…

When researching a product, many customers today often skip to read the reviews before they even read the product description..
Reviews have a huge impact in the decision-making process for your customers.

Fact: One well written 5 star review will counteract the effects of many negative one line reviews.

Never heard of us? Perfect.
Since 2010, we have posted or published thousands of reviews for companies and products. You will not see us advertise our services online, word of mouth marketing and some direct marketing has worked very well.
Our reviews are considered by some customers to be the secret sauce in their products recipe for success.
We have been contracted by many companies to work directly with their marketing teams to write reviews in preparation for new product launches so a well written review is published just after product launch to set a positive momentum in the market.

We offer custom tailored inspiring product reviews to fairly illustrate your business or products strengths which will provide a solid foundation and presence for your product.
Our reviews are persistent for everyone to see, whereas online ads are momentary and most online ads are now being ignored. Reviews are the new currency by which products and reputations are built.
If you have a product listed on one of the major online retailers, your marketing budget should include professional reviews. A well written review has become essential for converting browsers into buyers.

We do not offer cheap, quick, copy and paste reviews as most customers find them annoying, distracting and can even hurt your products reputation. These template based, copy/paste reviews are also being identified, targeted and removed on sites by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence systems.

Our reviews are genuine, factual, inspiring, not overly dramatic, informative product guides which highlight your products strengths.

In reality, negative reviews have a tremendous impact on the success or failure of a product online. Sometimes products get a bad rep due to competitors or overly emotional customers whom wish to vent their personal frustrations online or at some faceless company. You see them all the time and we all cringe when we read them.
Our reviews can counteract overly negative, nonobjective reviews which damage the products or business’s reputation. We can provide counter points and perspective to nullify overly negative reviews to help neutralize their affects.
This will help bring balance and perspective to your online reviews and offer customers more positive context & content to base their decisions for buying your product or service.

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